The A Stream Economy

The infrastructure for the A Stream Creative Inclusion Network provides the foundation for an “alternative” economy that creates its own “stars”, “brands” and “personalities”, has its own quality assurance accreditation and its own industry recognition accolades.

This has been created by design to mirror key mainstream industry components whilst co-existing with current Hidden Creative Industry components. From this basis the network will be able to develop and attract global audiences and consumers of its own.

Industry components of the A STREAM Creative Inclusion Network include:

* Internet Radio Stations
* Internet TV Stations
* Independent Music Charts
* Mobile Phone Content Sites
* Online Magazine and Newspaper Publications
* Audio / Visual Production Studios
* Graphic Design & Print Services
* Web Design & Internet Services
* Live Performance Events

This network also provides industry guidelines on best practices and codes of conduct. It also recommends commercial industry rates of pay and remuneration in an effort to promote sustainability and long term viability in the sector.