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The Hidden Creative Economy has been greatly affected by the restrictions placed upon it with regards to showcases and event management. This has particularly been the case around events that are aimed at predominantly young, black audiences.

There has also been a history of problems for promoters within the HCE who work with acts from Jamaica. The main issues gave been securing work permits, artists allegedly homophobic songs and the issue of acts of violence taking place at these events.

Concerns have been raised by the police over the question of whether or not these concerts should be held each time they are proposed. UK based promoters have already lost thousands of pounds putting these shows together, only to be cancelled by the authorities with often only a 1 or 2 days notice.

Led by top promoter Tony Williams, a forum has now been put together to represent the interests of promoters within the Hidden Creative Economy, particularly those promoting Black music shows.

The initial members are made up of the following senior Black music promoters in the UK:

Mikey Koos
Bagga John
Ken Drysdale
Ricky Lee
Freddy Maestro
Mark Sinclair
John Downie

Issues covered by the forum will include:

· Health & Safety in venues
· Drug abuse
· Guns and knife crimes at venues
· Security
. Legal and immigration issues
· Any other relevant policing matters

The forum can be contacted through Creative Inclusion via this web site or on 0207 392 9112.