In December 2003 we launched the concept of Creative Inclusion. Since the official launch in 2006, we are now an organisation that tackles exclusion within the creative industry and promotes the commercial benefits of diversity within mainstream creative activity.

We will seek to develop, or contribute to, policies and strategies in a variety of creative genres. This will include working closely with government departments to implement ideas, as well as working with people on the ground to enhance acceptance of initiatives.

Creative Inclusion will provide a variety of services including:

* Creative Industry Research
* Project management
* Workforce development policy advice
* Regeneration
* 16 – 19 Policies
* Quantitative and Qualitative research

In undertaking our work, we have a continual commitment to providing equality of opportunity. This is as an employer, or with the organisations and individuals that we work with. Our aim is to lead by example and display the results of equality and diversity for all to see within the creative industry.